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Our Quest for Super Six Pack Abs:

What is the one fitness goal that most people want?  Most people want six pack abs. People will grunt and groan doing hundreds of crunches a day.  After several months you ask yourself, “Where is my six pack abs?”   

How many times have you been flipping through the channels, and see the latest commercial on the most effective way to lose weight?  You know...those commercials that promise you six pack abs by working out less than 10 minutes a day?  How about those commercials that promise you the body of your dreams by taking a little pill once a day?  "Lose weight while you sleep!" Those commercials just target people that want fast results with the minimal amount of effort.  The next time you see any weight loss commercial look at the bottom of screen.  Don’t blink because you’ll miss it.  They only show the text for a few seconds.  You will see in tiny little letters that say “Proper diet and exercise required for maximum results” or “Results not typical”.

What was that?  Proper diet and exercise?  You say to yourself, “Wait a minute!  I’m taking that little pill that promises weight loss and six pack abs!” 

Another thing that gets to me are those "Ab Machines" or "Ab Benches" that cost anywhere from $99 dollars to several hundred dollars.  You don't need to spend hundreds of your hard earned money to get Six Pack Abs

Then there are those "Home Workout Gyms" that you can buy costing you several hundred dollars up several thousand dollars!  I know several people that have bought a Home Gym, use if for a month or two, then they stop using it all together.  It eventually becomes a cool place to hang their clothes!  I'll always joke around with my friends (that bought the home gym) by saying, "That is the most expensive clothes hanger I ever saw!"  :)

The most important step in getting that rock hard look is a healthy diet.  It’s worse if you’re on an American diet.  What’s wrong with an American diet?  Have you ever seen the documentary “Super Size Me”?  Need I say more?  Pizza, burgers, hotdog's, cheese, and double cheese, bacon, extra large sodas, apple pies, and popcorn drowned in butter.  I can go on and on.  You can't really expect to lose weight without working out and not changing your diet.  That little "magic" pill will not help you alone.  Ab Machines are not going to help either.  You have to change your diet and do some cardio to get the body you want.  I'm not going to sit here and tell you what you want to hear.  There is no such thing as fast results like "lose weight while you sleep".       

Sorry, but ab exercises alone will not give you that rock hard six-pack that you want.  There is a layer of fat above your abs.  The key to seeing six pack abs is to lose that fat on your belly.  How?  With proper diet and exercise.

In order to get six pack abs you need to eat healthy, do long slow cardio (I'll explain more in the following pages), get plenty of rest, and be patient.
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